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Traffic is the main reason you should list on the Guanacaste Guide. Targeted traffic, and lots of it has been my business these last 18 years for high profile clients in Guanacaste including Best Western, Mar Vista and Blue Water Properties. Expect the traffic of our website to continue to grow

Key Word Rich Articles

Artice marketing has been a successful tool in bringing client websites to the number 1 position on Google. Its simple, great content is what readers and Google want, and  giving it to the reader and the search engines is a POWERFUL strategy for eceiving more traffic from search engines and increasing your bottom line. We are constantly adding new, interesting content .

We Know Google

My strong background in Search Engine Optimization and public speaking  on the subject at international business conferences means a career based on understanding what people are searching for most and optimizing content to get the lions share of  Google traffic for my clients.

Plans for every budget.

This is a feature rich business directory and you can choose  the features your business needs most. The important thing is that your business is listed with the proper information so potential clients don’t reach a dead end

Guanacaste Rental and sale listings UPDATED DAILY!

An  unpressured view of all public real estate  listings from across the Province, both from agencies and  owners. We present the clearest picture possible of an often less than transparent  market.

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