About Us was formed in 1995 when  Julius Kudelka, a  pioneer in Tamarindo moved to a tiny surf town with a single dusty dirt road before anyone saw the potential or could have imagined that 30 years later Tamarindo would become the Number 1 tourist destination in Costa Rica. Now with a renewed energy Julius is repurposing this important domain name as a community business service for the benefit of all that have made Tamarindo their home and center of livelihood and on offer for  visitors and residents alike.


Rodgers Bestgen arrived in 2004 and opened Cafe Internet Nany behind the super Lopez in Brasilito. When the teachers from the Country day kept arriving at the cafe because their 50k Cisco based fiber  optic wide area network  was not working  at the start of the new school year he was asked to investigate and summarily hired. After four years of service Mr Bestgen started his own web design and internet marketing firm taking as his  first clients the owner of a fledgling real estate company named Blue Water Properties, Led by a dynamic half Tica named Rebecca Clower and  Julius Kudelka the owner of the Mango Condominiums in Tamarindo.


Raison d’etre(reason for being)

Hello everyone and thank you or visiting our new site this domain was secured 25 years ago by my partner @kudelka1950 which is amazing foresight considering what a technically challenged but otherwise solid human being he is and pretty smart as he hired me fifteen years ago to manage his technical affairs. We have been sitting on this important domain this whole time waiting for the right moment and vehicle worthy of this important domain name. I first visited Tamarindo 17 years ago and arrived to a simple surf town with one main dirt road and a dusty mess. Who knew that based on a love for surf, perfect conditions for beginner and expert surfers and an eclectic bohemian vibe and innate beauty that Tamarindo would become the number one tourist destination in the country for all the right reasons. This makes my partners foresight border on genius as at the heart of this town is the pulsing and vibrant daily commerce associated with…. You guessed it, Rentals. Whether it’s a surfboard, a motor scooter, a beachfront mansion or a hotel room this town turns on rentals. The magic happens mainly because it still retains that Small surf town vibe but now with an eclectic hum of activity surrounding it. Before you eschew progress I will explain why I’m happy about it. The increase of economc activity has attracted some of the best and the brightest in the hospitality industry. So my favorite spot on the beach ten years ago #witchsrock now offers great home brews and sushi prepared by a sushi master and remains my favorite most notably their outdoor chickee bar #Elvaquero Which remains the best spot to view the beach and surf action. Beach volleyball and people of all ages passing by carrying surfboards is quite cool. Don’t miss it. Thank you for visiting and if you have the slightest interest in Costa Rica I recommend bookmarking this page as like Tamarindo it will be a cool and lively place and we are committed to capturing the essence of this destination until you pull the trigger and come down and experience it for yourself.


SEO speech from 2014

Much remains accurate except:

First: Most small businesses cannot afford a webmaster to devote the time and effort needed to make a difference

second: The overall sophistication of users has  increased exponentially and individuals and businesses are able to take up marketing their small businesses quite successfully. This website will offer tools  to help users do just that. 


Customer Service

Casa Maya Playa Langosta

Tamarindo, Costa Rica


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