5 paths to Legal Residency in Costa Rica

5 paths to Legal Residency in Costa Rica

ByCHoward December 7, 2021     People often become enamored with Costa Rica after visiting and seeing its unparalleled beauty and natural wonders, and meeting its friendly people. A good number of those who have come here on vacation decide that...

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Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo in the Guanacaste Province, on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast is known for beaches with strong surf, like Playa Tamarindo and Playa Langosta. To the north, Playa Grande beach is a major nesting site for huge leatherback turtles, and forms part of Las Baulas National Marine Park. The mangrove-lined estuary of Tamarindo Wildlife Refuge protects animals such as howler monkeys and crocodiles.

Playa Flamingo Real Estate

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is the ideal vacation getaway! For decades it has been one of Costa Rica’s favorite vacation destinations by both foreigners and Costa Ricans (Ticos). With the expected completion of a long awaited deep water marina this year Flamingo is poised  to become an important jewel in the Guanacaste crown

Playa Grande Hotels

Playa Grande

As part of the Marino Las Baulas National Park, Playa Grande in Costa Rica is not just a beautiful beach, it’s an important beach for turtles and wildlife. It’s also one of the best beaches for surfers looking to score some fast and fun waves.

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Playa del Coco

Playas del Coco is one of the oldest beach communities in Guanacaste Province, Costa Rica. This region is also one of the fastest growing areas of tourism in Costa Rica. It has long been a popular destination with both local Costa Ricans as well as visitors from other countries during the traditional holiday seasons.

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