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 Directory Feature Levels 

  1. Free: 2 images plus a back link to your website and a contact form  directed to your email for instant engagement with potential clients
  2. Platinum plan $49.00 yearly: our full featured plan includes up to 10 images a map listing and links to your website and your social media pages as well as a ratings feature for clients  to rate their experience with you as well as additional premium features
  3. Founders Plan $200.00 yearly: A full featured profile and visual presentation on our home page, 4  platinum directory listings and a  full page branded header image above your business category. Here is an example using Tamarindo Surf as the business  category and Witchs Rock as our first Founding sponsor here
  4. Agency Listings $7.00 yearly: Agency listings for Vacation rental and sale listings are full featured and include 10 images and all the features of the platinum plan
  5. VRBO’S and FSBO’S Free:  Vacation Rentals by owner and For Sale by owner listings are free on this website and we will even load these for clients free of charge just  send listing details and up to 10 images to Rodgers@tamarindorentals.com

About Tamarindo

Located  on the  NW Pacific coast of  Costa Rica Tamarindo boasts  a relatively new international airport  only 40 minutes from  this popular surf town rich with lodging and culinary possibilities. With an ever increasing number of direct flights from the states now Americans can get there in just a few hours.  Guanacaste is often referred to as Costa Rica’s “Gold Coast”  and  is revered for its beautiful beaches and dry tropical rainforests making it one of the worlds most popular eco-tourism destinations its main competitive advantage being a well-established system of national parks and protected areas, covering 23.4% of the country, the largest percentage in the world and home to an amazing explosion of life. For a  country which has only 0.03% of the world’s landmass astoundingly it is estimated to house 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Guanacaste’s geographical features are diverse and exotic with endless options for recreation. There are countless reasons why locals and international visitors travel to Tamarindo and Guanacaste, given the diversity of life in what was  recently designated World Heritage conservation priority

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