Patagonia del Mar delivers a strong showing

despite service slips


Al Fresco dining on Brasilito beach

The first sign that we were finally in for a treat at Patagonia del Mar in Brasilito Guanacaste came  when I arrived at a jammed full restaurant with a boisterous energetic crowd of families and familiar faces all having a good time despite the lurking fears of virus. Elbow bumps were already in evidence. I say finally in for a treat as that corner has seen many restaurants of varing quality  come and go over the years. Starting with the first  occupiers Charlie and Claire Mayne who opened the first iteration post construction  as Pero Plano which translates as “flat dog” and is  local  slang for crocodile which the far point of Playa Conchal resembles and which passes for very local slang. The second clue was the refreshing vodka and tonic which arrived in a cold sweating real  glass which after many years in Costa Rica one comes to appreciate. Finally the fresh bread and tapenade of Parsley chili and olive oil along with freshly baked rolls had my mouth watering. A restaurateur who knew what the

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