We offer many opportunities for sponsorship of high traffic categories articles, and beaches designed to generate leads for your  business.  Sponsorships will all take the same form and will include a full page branded image with your business name and logo with a button initiating a  contact form with all of your business contact information enabling instant engagement with potential clients on our high traffic website via the contact form or with links to your important social media accounts. For example a Real Estate company  has sponsored the category of Tamarindo Luxury Real Estate Sales which we offer as an example here, while an adventure tour company may wish to sponsor an article on Guanacaste National parks the possibilities are numerous and its all about generating traffic to your business and is very beneficial as an affordable marketing tool for Guanacaste  business. Most sponsorships cost $200.00 for a year of sponsorship and will be offered on a first come first served basis. Remember having a visually stunning header image with your brand atop of all the other businesses in that genre establishes your business as a leader in your field your business as the header of an important location or business genre. Instantly establishing you as a leader in your business genre. Suggestions for new article ideas or categories are always welcome, please fill out the form below to request a sponsorship or suggest an idea for a new category or article.-

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