Visit Playa Avellanas (hazelnut) and explore the rural side of Guanacaste

Playa Avellanas

If you are ready to see the rural side of Guanacaste then you’re in for a great drive. The journey down these country  farm roads were part of what grabbed my heart during my first visit in 2002. The dusty farm roads give the bucolic picture of a way of life  unchanged in generations. The promise of the sparkling blue Pacific just over the next hill or mountain nearby give this dusty land an almost   magical contrast and a sense of possibility while being transported to an earlier simpler time.

So the trip is great and the prize of Playa Avellanas equally so. Known as a surfers beach this rocky wind swept beach has a very remote  feel and my friends Lisa, Andre and I went one day to find Lolas closed so we hiked a mile or so up the beach for lunch at the Hacienda Pinilla Beach club which is very nice (  real bar glasses)Walk a little further and you can hit The JW Marriott which is even nicer.

All in all a very untamed beautiful beach with a few Elegant options for

Food and drink

Our main reasons for trekking to Avellanas  is of course the fabulous Lola’s beachside restaurant and bar.  Great beach restaurant with a spread out floor plan and a constantly manicured  seating area that transitions seamlessly from natural hardwood tables and chairs   to beach. Good service and an eclectic menu combined with good cocktails make this a very popular spot on weekends I highly recommend the journey to Avellanas.  

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