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Flamingo Marina Accepting Slip Reservations

Flamingo Marina Accepting Slip Reservations

Slip Reservations Now Open!   Slip Reservations Now Open! Have you reserved your spot in paradise at Costa Rica's newest Full Service Marina? Contact or Call 1-833 MF-YACHT today to secure your preferred location. Introduction to...

Tamarindo Directory

Tamarindo Directory

 Let’s assume that your beach adventure is beginning in Tamarindo. You will not have to go far to explore some very cool hideaways within walking distance from Tamarindo beach. From there we will work our way farther afield and get into some serious exploration and some truly wondrous and beautiful finds only a modest drive  or scooter ride from Tamarindo.

Costa Rica: An Incredible Historical Past

Costa Rica: An Incredible Historical Past

A few days ago, it was learned that through laser mapping, studies and excavations, coordinated by the archaeologist Yahaira Núñez and the geologist Paulo Ruiz, from the University of Costa Rica (UCR), together with other researchers, a so-called indigenous town,...






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10 national parks One World Heritage Site

Guanacaste Province alone has 10 national parks, one that sweeps almost the breadth of the country in a stunning display of ecological initiative

A Message From Our Editor

“Costa Rica is the most ecologically progressive country in the world having become a leader by example. Walking the talk . Costa Rica has achieved its leadership role by setting aside 23.4% of its geography  to preseves and national parks. Hands down the highest percentage in the world and making Costa Rica a conservation leader”

Rodgers Bestgen

Editor in Chief

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