VRBO'S & FSBO'S are always Free

In  this directory For Sale by Owner Listings (FSBO’S)  and Vacation Rentals by owner (VRBO’s) are free in the interest of providing the most comprehensive guide to real estate and vacation rental lisings in Guanacaste. Our only requirement is a back link to our site which we have made easy. Simply  have your webmaster copy and paste the following HTML CODE somewhere on your website and send a link to that page to If you do not have a website for your listing a simple link to on your social media Platforms will suffice just email  me a link to the post. Links must  be verified in order to remain on


We are pleased to be listed on the <a href=””>Costa Rica Vacation</a> &amp; Real Estate directory at


A Word about Tags; When adding your listings being as descriptive as possible will help people find your listing when searching the internet. under tags you can add as many tags as you wish and many are pre-programmed into the system. Popular examples of  tags are “ocean view”  or “ocean front” but you may use as many descriptors as apply to your listing including price and other key features

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