I arrived at the Hotel Brasilito 15 years ago this August after an 11 day journey from Boston in my oil wheezing Jeep Cherokee and my memorable black Lab Weimaraner, Seikan. The day of my arrival was memorable as it was the day the Costa Rican Government mustered  the political will to send 15 policemen armed with machine guns to take back the Flamingo Marina concession from the hands of the bad actors running it into the ground. Wild West days indeed. 

While some of those bad actors are still around, the overall climate has become less shadowy and  more favorable to families looking for a change. Making it is still tough here without a softening and slowing  of  attitude (my fellow Americans) and if you have to make a living here even tougher although definitely possible as  I’ve seen it done. Go Lisa! 

With a little help from my friends  posts here will be both positive, useful, and with luck, entertaining.

Respect  our hosts,

Rodgers Bestgen


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