Casa Oceano – Beachfront Villa $1.75 million

Have you been dreaming about moving close to the beach? Maybe actually buying a luxurious beach house or villa to retire and live in as your new home? Or, maybe buying a vacation home on the beach to go there part-time and also rent out your seaside villa for additional income? If so, then we invite you to see Casa Oceano – a truly beachfront villa in Costa Rica!
Casa Oceano is an unusual investment opportunity as it is on titled land, not government lease land. That means, you actually own the whole property, which gives you and your estate the comfort of knowing the government lease can never be terminated. Only about 3 percent of the oceanfront property in Costa Rica is privately owned, making Casa Oceano a stable and appreciating investment.
Additionally, Casa Oceano is located in the more lay-back, original feeling, and tempo of Costa Rica – a great area to live in to escape the crowds, noise, and fast pace of San Jose. Live here full time, or use it as a profitable income source as a luxury vacation rental. Oceanfront property like Casa Oceano will always be in demand!

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