Guanacaste Beach Guide

Below are short descriptions of each of the 40 beach towns covered in this directory

These blurbs are in order starting at Tamarindo and heading north to el Jobo then start again heading south from Tamarindo to Playa Bongo on the border with Puntarenas Province. To get the best details on Guanacaste beaches Take the full Guanacaste Beach Tour

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Heading North from Tamarindo

Tamarindo rentals

Playa Tamarindo

Playa Tamarindo is the most popular beach town in Costa Rica and an ex pat hub for sure and the  perfect starting point for exploration of Guanacaste. In fact 90% of all tourists disembarking in Liberia have Tamarindo on their immediate itinerary

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Grande

Playa Grande beach is adjacent to Tamarindo beach and accessible across an estuary featuring Crocodiles and an amazing abundance of wildlife. Grande is a sleepy surf town with  miles long of fine, pale sand; It is important to note that the entire beach coast is protected and belongs to Las Baulas National Park, meaning you must take care with the soft upper part of the beach as it may contain delicate turtle eggs waiting to hatch. 

Playa Brasilito Real Estate

Playa Conchal

Playa Conchal is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica and is unique in that it is made up of tiny crushed shells. Backing the beach is the sprawling world famous Reserva Conchal beach and Golf Resort

Playa Brasilito Hotels

Playa Brasilito

Brasilito is the quintessential Tico fishing village with lots of cool holes in the wall, broad beautiful beaches and a thriving local population. Beautiful Playa Conchal is a short walk south.

Playa Flamingo Real Estate

Playa Flamingo

Playa Flamingo is the ideal vacation getaway! For decades it has been one of Costa Rica’s favorite vacation destinations by both foreigners and Costa Ricans (Ticos). With the expected completion of a long awaited deep water marina this year Flamingo is poised  to become an important jewel in the Guanacaste crown

Playa Potrero

Playa Potrero

Playa Potrero  is adjacent to Flamingo beach and is about a 10 minute drive from Tamarindo

Las Catalinas Hotels

Las Catalinas

Las Catalinas is a beautiful experimental car free community that has sprung up in the last few years and is just north of Potrero.

Playa Matapalo Tourism Services

Playa Matapalo

Playa Matapalo is a very remote beach surrounded by the most incredible wildlife and virgin rainforest and for many years was difficult to get to. Also home to the Riu resort resort Hotel and has many eco-tourism possibilities

Playa Del Coco Real Estate

Playa Ocotal

most pristineOcotal’s chill atmosphere, local vibe and fun waves make it a nice beach to escape the busy crowds or use as a homebase. It has great snorkeling, beachfront hotels and restaurants and is a great launch point if you want to do scuba diving or fishing. Additionally, Playa Ocotal has the “Blue Flag” meaning it is recognized as one of the most pristine beaches in Costa Rica!

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa del Coco

Playa del Coco is the definite Latin hub of Guanacaste and Western conventions are largely tossed away and this town gets it going at night and is a lot of fun. If you want to [arty with the Costa Ricans then Coco is your cup of Tea

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Hermosa

Playa Langosta is adjacent to Tamarindo beach and makes for a beautiful uninterrupted walk  from Tamarindo Beach

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Panama

Playa Langosta is adjacent to Tamarindo beach and makes for a beautiful uninterrupted walk  from Tamarindo Beach

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Papagayo Vacation Rentals

Peninsula Papagayo

Papagayo is very close to the Guanacaste airport in Liberia and has become a very upscale destination for tourists and ex pats alike. Featuring a 4 Seasons Hotel and several incredible Wellness offerings the peninsula is dotted with many beautiful secluded beaches and is a great jumping off point for eco tourism

Playa el Jobo Directory

Playa el Jobo

The quiet fishing village of El Jobo is well-known to locals for its gorgeous beaches. It is one of the most secluded  beach destinations in Costa Rica.  The  Peninsula is surrounded on three sides by the picturesque Pacific Ocean which is lined with scenic rock outcroppings separated by beautiful tropical beaches. To the north, there is the wind-blown Bahia Salinas.  The protected Bahia Jobo is to the west and the Golfo de Santa Elena is to the south.

Heading South from Tamarindo the beaches turn a little more wild  and remote with each town having a distinct flavor and personality

Playa Langosta Tourism Services

Playa Langosta

Playa Langosta is adjacent to Tamarindo beach and makes for a beautiful uninterrupted walk  from Tamarindo Beach ending in a fantasically beautiful estuary with calm waters for bathers

Playa Avellanas Hotels

Playa Avellanas

Looking for a more remote feel? You  won’t have to look far as just south of bustling  Tamarindo is Playa Avellanas. Here, the road turns to dirt and the jungle becomes undeveloped and pristine.Great waves,  a chill vibe and of couse Lola’s beachfront restaurant make the trip worthwhile

Tamarindo Vacation Rentals

Playa Negra

Playa Negra has long been known for its world-famous surf break. Memorialized in the famous surfing film Endless Summer, Playa Negra is also close to several other famous Guanacaste surf spots including Playa Avellana, Playa Junquillal, Playa Langosta, Witch’s Rock and Tamarindo.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Junquillal

Abounding in tropical beauty, Playa Junquillal Costa Rica is a picturesque little beach town and an  ideal base for your vacation. Serene beaches with tide pools and lush tropical vegetation form the backdrop for relaxation and adventure. Playa Junquillal is just west ofSanta Cruz and south of Tamarindo with warm and friendly locals who are proud of their town’s Ecological Blue Flag status.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Marbella

Marbella is one of the province’s more laid back beach destinations. Playa Marbella is a popular surfer’s destination. This once sleepy fishing village features vast white sand beaches and growing popularity.

San Juanillo Hotels

Playa san Juanillo

So if you’re a beach lover who isn’t quite into beach bumming with large crowds and want to experience a Costa Rica less populated, here is one beach you have to put on your list, Playa San Juanillo. It’s one of our favorite local beaches!

Playa Langosta Hotels


A visit to Ostional will be unlike any other location in the entire country. This small village provides a glimpse into the natural side of this country, and shows what life was like centuries ago. While many come to Costa Rica to see the fine dining and expensive hotels, if you are looking for something a little purer, you cannot afford to miss the small town of Ostional in Guanacaste

Playa Langosta Hotels


Defined by its worries-by-the-wayside attitude and shorelines untainted by commercialism, Nosara is a small town famous for its yoga and surf. Many people know it as “No shoes, no shirt, Nosara,” which aptly sums things up. Located on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the traditional village of Nosara sits six kilometers inland, although the  6 kilometers of white sand beaches are the biggest draw.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Samara

Guanacaste’s often overlooked gem . If you are seeking a more authentic visit to Costa Rica, there is Samara. While Samara has its share of amenities, it still has a local vibe and small beach-town feel. 

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Guiones

This little-known town doesn’t attract a large amount of travelers, making it the perfect tropical destination for those looking for a little R & R.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Bejuco

A photographer’s dream, Playa Bejuco is a secret waiting to be discovered along Costa Rica’s coast. With stunning vistas and a view of nature found nowhere else and an extensive catalog of local wildlife you can capture on film, this beachside town is just waiting to become your next vacation destination. Take in the sights with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets over pristine, untouched beaches, and enjoy nature as it was meant to be seen.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Coyote

Quiet and tranquil, Playa Coyote is considered by many to be one of the best remote beaches in Costa Rica. The perfect place to have a long relaxing holiday away from the hubbub of the city, this picturesque beach offers tourists amazing sunsets and spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean. Divided by the Rio Jabillo and a mangrove estuary.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Manzanillo Guanacaste

Playa Manzanillo is a quiet beach with very warm water, black sand, beautiful seashells, and great views of Playa Iguanitas, Panama, Hermosa, and Penca, which are on the other side of the Papagayo Gulf.

Playa Langosta Hotels

Playa Bongo

Playa Bongo and surrounding beaches are all geographically unique and form the outwash of the Bongo River Basin affording some of the most incredible landscapes where thousands of years of mountain run off meets the Pacific Ocean.

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