Foundations to build wildlife crossings in Guanacaste

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Foundations to build wildlife crossings in Guanacaste

According to data from a SalveMonos field investigation, between 2020 and 2021, around the Tamarindo area 57 accidents involving howler monkeys occurred, and 35 of these mishaps were due to electrocution.

Howler monkeys can be found in the Guanacaste province. In recent years, they have suffered severe physical damage and even death because real estate developments have invaded their natural habitat. Therefore, to move into the forest areas, they must hold on to the electrical wiring.

Therefore, to help this species, The Clean Wave and SalveMonos Foundations held a meeting at La Oveja Surfhouse restaurant (Tamarindo Beach). Here, community members gave their donations, and a silent auction was held with prizes totaling $10,000 (ȼ5.6 million).

At the event held on February 16, the results of the study “No monkeys, no paradise” were presented.

Andrés Bermúdez, President of The Clean Wave Foundation, indicated that the amount raised would make building the 19 wildlife crossings possible.

“The truth is that we are delighted with the results obtained. The wildlife crossings are exclusive passageways built especially for howler monkeys and other endangered species,” said Bermúdez.

The Clean Wave Foundation’s President added that the silent auction at La Oveja Surfhouse restaurant “offered excellent prices that generated a lot of funds for our cause.”

“We had the participation of more than 100 people, including business owners, who showed their appreciation for our work in defense of the monkeys. We are the voice of these wonderful animals, and thanks to the community’s support, we can continue to fight for their protection and conservation,” Andrés Bermúdez added.

The Clean Wave and SalveMonos Foundations were grateful to all the volunteers, artists, business owners, and supporters who donated to the event.

To donate and learn more about the work of the foundations, visit and

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