DespiteThe Pandemic, Air traffic to Guanacaste continues to explode

flights to this popular region of Costa Rica are increasing rapidly
Rodgers H Bestgen

Rodgers H Bestgen


I am the editor designer  and programmer  for I live in and have loved Guanacaste for 18 years. I will continue to bring you great articles about Guanacaste

The airport in Guanacaste, Costa Rica, continues to recover its air traffic post pandemic. Three U.S. airlines will increase their operations during May, June and July. The airlines will offer a greater flight selection for passengers, allowing price flexibility and schedule options.

American Airlines will increase its daily frequency from Miami from two to three flights, while the once-weekly route to Dallas Fort Worth, Texas, will now be operated daily.

In addition, United Airlines, will go from one flight a week from Denver, Colorado and Newark, New Jersey to two flights a week.

Jet Blue will also add one more flight frequency to its operations, providing four weekly flights on its route from New York’s JFK airport.

“One of the institutional objectives to recover the 2019 visitation figures is to attract new airlines, as well as to increase frequencies of those already operating in the country. This excellent announcement is a response to Costa Rica’s solid positioning in the U.S. market. We will continue working hand in hand with the private sector to increase the attraction of tourists to the country.” said William Rodriguez, Minister of Tourism.

César Jaramillo, general manager of Guanacaste Airport, indicated “VINCI Airports’ operational knowledge, allows us to apply best practices to obtain these results. Airlines trust Guanacaste as an attractive and safe destination, which is reflected in April’s traffic, 23% higher than the same month in 2019.”

The first quarter of 2022 registered an upward trend in passenger arrivals at Guanacaste Airport. By March 2022, more than 164 thousand passengers circulated through this air terminal, practically equalizing air traffic for the same period in 2019.

The months of January and February saw 87% and 90% recovery respectively, relative to pre-pandemic year traffic levels.

“Last year we were still adjusting to the pandemic changes and this year we are very positive with the sustained traffic recovery. As a member of the VINCI Airports network, we are proud to promote positive mobility in the region. We appreciate the commitment and hard work of the public and private stakeholders involved in achieving these figures”, Jaramillo mentioned regarding the 2022 numbers.

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