Finding a Tamarindo Beach House for Rent or buy is finally becoming easier in our Covid World

Four months into a virtual worldwide lockdown for US travelers, reaching a vacation home abroad has been impossible or too risky to even consider — leaving these homeowners challenged and their homes largely abandoned. Dream houses in far-flung regions are still extant, leaving homeowners to navigate upkeep and associated costs from afar instead of checking in — and enjoying — in person.
What was once predictable, annual travel for these owners has now been entirely upended. Is the solution to sell? Perhaps rent it out? Now that vaccines are in the approval process and an end, while distant is in sight, the world including the small country of Costa Rica is breathing collective sighs of relief and easing travel restrictions and its beginning to look like there may be something to salvage out of the 2021 winter season for owners of beach homes for rent in Tamarindo . Just ask Brian and Carrie Bratton owners of Tamarindo Luxury villas a high end vacation rental agency in Tamarindo, Costa Rica which is now  the country’s number 1 tourist destination. By all indications from this observant industry watcher the pent up frustrations of being cooped up for 8 months has led to virus fatigue and a strong resurgence of vitality in both rentals and luxury real estate sales in the area. Rather a surprise when 8 months ago well known realtor Rebecca Clower of Blue Water Properties was expressing deep concern about her many employees and agents  and their ability to support their families 8 months later they are on fire again. To what tis is attributable its difficult to say. Perhaps sensing the end of the crisis is near there is a new and profound appreciation for making every day count and being thankful after a period of devastating loss
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