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Hello my name is Rodgers Bestgen. I Drove to Costa Rica in August of 2002 ago to start a new life after the terrorist attack. I studied Economics and Philosophy and High jumped for Penn. I am a nature lover, mushroom hunter, philosophy nerd, avid explorer and conservationist . I particularly love areas with incredible natural beauty and abundant natural resources that I take great joy in sharing at table. Places like Costa Rica and my native Cape Cod Massachussets definitely fit the bill, two incredible places where I have been priveleged to live. Guanacaste Province had a profound impact on me on my vacation to Costa Rica in 2000. I could not believe it. Cows grazing peacefully a hundred yards away from a Delta jet on the tarmac of a brand new international airport, the most beautiful remote beaches in the world only 35 minutes away. The clarion call was clear. The beauty unparalleled, the decision made! Guanacaste would be my destination. I picked Playa Potrero strategically on a map since it was a dead end beach road 40 miles from a new international airport ( needless to say its no longer a dead end ) so with characteristically abundant optimism, zero Spanish and confidence that I would figure it all out I set out in my jeep full of computer equipment , my big Weimaraner Seikan and a bike tied to the roof and drove 11 days from Boston to Brasilito beach where I opened an internet cafe. That led to a position as technical director for the Country Day School ( now CRIA academy) for several years before I formed World Reach SEO & Design, taking as early clients Blue Water Properties , The Costa Rican Health Chamber PROMED, and Julius Kudelka, builder of the beautifully designed Mango condominium complex in Tamarindo and my partner on this project. Read about my harrowing 11 day drive and what too many geographically challenged told me so wrongly so many times that I must point it out..

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