For sale by Owner and Vacation Rentals by owner are  free. Sustainable and Eco friendly businesses also list free just contact me.

A Word about adding your listing and using Tags; Being as descriptive as possible will help people find your listing when searching the internet a great way to think of tags is as short descrptors. When adding your property under  the tag section you can add as many tags as you wish and many are pre-programmed into the system. Popular examples of  tags are “oceanview”  or “oceanfront” but you may use as many descriptors as apply to your listings  key features using tags. Always know if you have any trouble we will be glad to add your real estate listing for you just drop the details to


Tag Examples;

  1. ocean front
  2. 2 bedroom
  3. walk to beach
  4. 2.5 bathrooms
  5. ocean view
  6. home
  7. condo
  8. penthouse
  9. gated community
  10. pool or poolside
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