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Real Estate For Rent

Accessibility is the key here, at only 20 miles to the coast the new international airport in Guanacaste has opened up a beautiful and remote coast line to a new set of ecologically adventurous U.S. vacationers plus rentals by owner always list free on the Guanacaste Guide


Businesses benefit by adding their business listings on our busy guide for vacationers and residents who want to find reliable businesses in Guanacaste. Add your business  easily.

Real Estate For Sale

 Owners: Add your rental or sale listing for free below

Realtors: Agency listings run 5 dollars per listing per year or until sold in the case of sales listings. You control the listing information and lead flow. Good content is important to our guide. We want content from local experts so please consider a banner ad or content exchange for fantastic exposure on the site 

Pricing and features

-Basic Listing- Free

This is our basic package designed for small business and contains important features like 2 images, full description, contact information and those all important  back links to your website.The contact form allows clients to engage with your business directly

Featured Listing Package –  Our best lead generation option. $59.00

Featured listing are presented with every post on our guide, guaranteeing thousands of views of your brand monthly, and an immediate ability for clients to engage your business directly.

Each featured listing includes

  • Full Description

  • Short description

  • 10 images plus logo

  • 4 back link  to client website

  • reviews/ratings

  • contact form

  • Google Maps

  • File Uploads & Attachments

  • Additional form fields linking  to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

-Real Estate and Vacation rental listings by owner – Free (Stop paying commissions)

This is  the same as our Feaatured package for 59 dollars per year, but free to property owners who want to rent or sell their real property. Stop paying commissions the world has become increasingly internet savvy, and Costa Rica is a red hot destination

This full featured package includes 10 images, a link to your website, contact form and many additional form fields over our other packages.This package also contains a ratings and review module so clients can rate your rental and comment directly within your listing increasing engagement and booking opportunities. This package includes additional form fields allowing links to Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin social profiles. Potential clients can also contact owners directly from within their business listing.

-Real Estate and Vacation rental listings by agency:

Increase leads and opportunities for engagement with multiple high authority links to your agency website  from each listing- Control your public listings on our platform; 

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Advertising Sponsor Package*  $200.00  yearly

  1. Includes 4 platinum featured listings for multiple locations  plus a Featured business profile.

  2. 20,000 banner impressions on the platform and I will create your banner

  3. Banner creation included


  1. Gated communities, Golf Resorts, and Marinas  $300.00  yearly


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