Costa Rica Homes for Sale in Guanacaste maintain a premium despite the Pandemic

One would almost never know there was a pandemic and a world wide economic crisis especially if you listen to Costa Rica realtors, all of whom claim that they have never been busier. However despite the positive brayings endemic to the trade Costa Rica Real Estate has remained indestructible from an appreciation and desirability standpoint. Almost as if this Pandemic has augmented our desire for peace, beauty and of course an ocean view. Appreciation of these types of properties has remained steady almost as if this resource has become increasingly precious and more highly  valued after everything we have all been through. The fact that Costa Rica’s high end rental market has always been robust is a decided contributing factor. Perhaps you cannot buy a high end home in Costa Rica but an increasingly affluent world can afford to rent the experience for a little while for top dollar, keeping this market vigorous and vital as the Pandemic begins to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Casa Maya Langosta
Tamarindo, Costa Rica

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