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As many travel writers and bloggers are location independent or class themselves as digital nomads, we’ve started a regular Nomadic Times Blog which is written by travel writers with a nomadic spirit. This column is intended to inspire and help people just like you to achieve location independence and overcome the challenges of being a digital nomad.

We prefer posts that draw on personal details and experience.

  • Posts must be original and must not have appeared elsewhere.
  • There’s no payment for guest articles.
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  • We will include your byline at the bottom of the article, with a brief bio and one link to your author website or book or product landing page, as well as links to your social networks.
  • Your article should include a featured image and at least 3 additional images (but the more the merrier, because this makes your article easier to pin)

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Tamarindo Directory

Tamarindo Directory

 Let’s assume that your beach adventure is beginning in Tamarindo. You will not have to go far to explore some very cool hideaways within walking distance from Tamarindo beach. From there we will work our way farther afield and get into some serious exploration and some truly wondrous and beautiful finds only a modest drive  or scooter ride from Tamarindo.https://www.tamarindorentals.com/tamarindo-directory/

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As beachfront as you can get. House hidden in the beach scrub of Las Baulas Marine Park in Playa Grande built before the area was protected. This house will not be seeing any neighbors

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