Tamarindo Condos are a no fuss turn key approach to your next vacation or home purchase

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 One of the great attractions of Costa Rica is its unspoiled ruggedness and natural beauty. However with a severe rainy season and unparalleled vegetation growth normal maintenance and upkeep of a standard home with a yard becomes a difficult chore. For this reason a Tamarindo condo is worthy of consideration as investment or  vacation option. In Tamarindo some of the most attractive  condo options are beautiful complexes set just behind the main drag but still a stones throw from Playa Tamarindo. Being in the center of the action provides unparalleled access to all of Tamarindos increasingly first class offerings. Fine dining, dance clubs  breakfast spots  and lets not forget the all important beach front cocktails and sushi. If you wish to make a more substantial investment as a vacation home or even a retirement home a Tamarindo condo makes a lot of sense. Take it from one who knows, maintaining a free standing home in Costa Rica is a real challenge given the extreme tropical conditions. Tamarindo condos come in many forms although high rises are relatively few and far between. (thankfully) Luxury Tamarindo villas are also a popular condo option on Guanacastes Gold Coast. Small Tamarindo villas with condo style ownership dot the Guanacaste landscape with many remote  hidden jewels off the beaten path. One point I will continue to emphasize; Anybody seriously considering a Costa Rica real estate purchase should explore the country thoroughly. In addition to having one of the most abundant collection of micro climates for such a small country, so to does it present many different regions complete with their own vibe and climate. Surprising for a country the size of West Virginia.


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