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The Claim Listing module allows admins to create listings for known companies or services and then charge users a fee to become the actual owners of those listings. This allows said users to edit listing information, answer messages from customers, etc.

The whole process is regulated and subject to admin approval.

Basic Concepts
The module uses a very easy convention to distinguish between listings that can be claimed and those that can’t: the module considers one special user, usually the admin, as the owner of “unclaimed” listings. This means that listings from different authors can’t be claimed by anyone.

Users who want to claim their listing must be registered on your site.

Listings that can be claimed have a Claim this listing link on top of them. If the user is registered and logged in, clicking the link reveals a form where users must enter some information before requesting ownership of the listing.
Once this form is submitted a listing claim is created.
A listing claim refers to an ownership request from a particular user for a particular listing. Listing claims have statuses associated to them they begin as “Pending” (meaning the admin hasn’t seen the claim) and end up as either “Rejected” or “Completed”. A completed claim results in the user making the request being the author of the listing.




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