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Brian lives here with his wife  Carrie and their two children Isabella and Archer. They are an active part of the community and look forward to welcoming your family into the amazing experience of Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

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Interview with Mr. Bratton


Moving your family to Costa Rica and choosing to educate your children here is not a small decision. What prompted you to take this decision?

Brian Bratton

Brian Bratton

Initially it was a selfish decision in that I wanted a big change in my life! Carrie and I got engaged and then we collectively agreed to move here together in the fall of 2004. Looonng time ago, and before kids! I felt like I needed to spread my wings and see if an international move would work. Carrie agreed and we have been here ever since.
When we eventually had children, we had to take a hard look at what we really wanted out of our lives as it related to their upbringing, education, community, lifestyle, etc. We thought very seriously about moving back to the US. What would moving back to the US and getting back into likely a “rep” job look like for me, for my family time, etc.  After weighing all of the pros and cons we realize that this was where we wanted to stay.
What truly solidified that decision was the day to day “way of life” that we live. Beaches and tide pools as our front yard, no traffic, little to no commute to work all meant more quality time with our family. Couple that with the amazing education that our children receive at Costa Rica international Academy and it was an easy decision.  Looking deeper into it…it’s also the community surrounding the school as well, the parents, the volunteering,  the amazing amount of activities available. If you couple that with our “small coastal town” vibe and it’s home.

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