Why Costa Rica for Wellness?

Disconnect and recharge against a backdrop of natural landscapes, lush rainforests, and beautiful beaches
Wellness in Costa Rica

With tropical rainforests, an abundance of wildlife and pristine beaches, it’s no wonder that eco-pioneering Costa Rica has been recognized as one of the happiest and most peaceful countries in the world. Locals really do live by the phrase ‘Pura Vida’ (Pure Life or good life loosely translated), which means channelling a super-healthy lifestyle, from eating well to immersing themselves in nature. For visitors looking for adventure, it’s a dreamy destination where you can swap technology and social media for hikes through the jungle, white-water rafting on the rivers and kayaking in the year-round warm sea before flopping on sun-drenched sand. Early-bird surfers are up at dawn to catch the waves. Intrepid naturalists lead jungle treks, pointing out sloths and howler monkeys in the trees. And a variety of other experts, from yoga masters to botanists, will pass on their knowledge. Plus, there are vast national parks to explore and smile-inducing spas where treatments are aimed at soothing minds as much as bodies. Wellness and wellbeing is taken to a higher level, making Costa Rica the ideal destination to reboot and fully recharge. visitcostarica.com


El Silencio Lodge and Spa

Flanked by the Juan Castro Blanco and Poás Volcano national parks and set in a private, 500-acre cloud forest reserve, this eco-lodge is all about embracing nature. Tiered suites come with floor-to-ceiling glass doors opening to wooden decks to make the most of the mountain views. Spend mornings hiking through the Hummingbird Gardens and exploring waterfalls before stopping for lunch overlooking the Gorrión River. The lodge has its own organic farm, with chickens and trout ponds. Afterwards, head to the Esencia spa for outdoor yoga sessions and nourishing body wraps in a candle-lit, conical treatment room, designed to channel the essential life energy of the surrounding trees. elsilenciolodge.com

Wellness in Costa Rica

Lapa Rios

A private 1,000-acre rainforest reserve in the wild Osa Peninsula is the backdrop for this pioneering sustainable lodge. Reed-thatched, open-air bungalows are arranged along a ridge overlooking the Pacific Ocean, so you’ll fall asleep to the sound of distant waves and wake to the call of the howler monkeys. There’s a pool, a look-out point on the canopy rooftop above the dining area and a spa where treatments include Qi Gong, a Chinese exercise that cultivates chi (the vital life force) to energise the mind, body and spirit. Don’t miss the Medicine Tour, a walk through the primary forest with knowledgeable guides who will explain the healing properties of the plants you see. laparios.com

Wellness in Costa Rica

Asclepios Wellness & Healing Retreat

Named after the Greek god of health, this retreat beneath Poás volcano has all-round wellness covered, from the organic food served at the Hygeia restaurant to the meditation pavilion and ionised pool. Sign up for serious, week-long programmes (including anti-stress and weight management) or simply dip in and out of the wide-ranging treatments on offer: naturopathy, floral remedies, nutrition and life-coaching, regenerative medicine, reiki and more. At Asclepios, there is a great emphasis on the importance of sustainability, which means there’s a working farm and an ongoing plan to reintroduce native plants and animals to the natural habitat. asclepioscr.com

Four Seasons Costa Rica

Disconnect to Reconnect: that’s the name of the outstanding programme that really encourages you to unplug and zone out at this beachside oasis. In return for handing over a phone, guests are given a list of fabulous, technology-free activities, including guided kayaking to the arc-shaped Bay of Culebra and the Trail of Giants, a tour through the tropical dry forest surrounding the golf course. The hotel also has its own hiking route which takes in two beaches, surf instructors who can take you out to catch waves at Witches Rock, and locally inspired spa treatments such as the Costa Rican coffee scrub. fourseasons.com

For more information on Costa Rica visit www.visitcostarica.com

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