3 must see volcanoes when visiting Guanacaste Costa Rica

Traveling in Costa Rica means adventure, a great connection with nature, relaxation, and probably the best vacation you will ever have. While everyone has heard of the beautiful beaches with waves perfect for surfing,  rich biodiversity beautiful landscapes and adventure tours,  something you cshould not miss that you cannot see everywhere you go, the majestic volcanoes!

When you travel to Costa Rica, make sure you try some of the adventure tours such as surfing, canopy or wild life  excursion. Try to delight in the beauty of the many animal species you will be able to see, and since many of our tour operators include visits to the wonderful national parks, don’t forget to visit the volcanoes. The Guanacaste Province has 3 important volcanoes:

Rincón de La Vieja Volcano

At about 15 miles from Liberia Costa Rica, this is one of the six active volcanoes in the country. The name in Spanish means “The Old Woman’s Corner“, and it makes reference to a Costa Rican legend that tells the story of a girl who was thrown in the volcano by her father, and then having healing powers. It is a very popular destination for those who are traveling in Costa Rica.



The trails through the national park of the same name that lead to the volcano will take you through hot springs and fumaroles, it is a wonderful view!

Arenal Volcano

The Arenal volcano measures at least 1,633 metres (5,358 ft) high. It is conically shaped with a crater 140 metres (460 ft) in diameter. Geologically, Arenal is considered a young volcano and it is estimated to be less than 7,500 years old.  It is also known as “Pan de Azúcar”, “Canaste”, “Volcan Costa Rica”, “Volcan Río Frío” or “Guatusos Peak”.

The volcano was dormant for hundreds of years and exhibited a single crater at its summit, with minor fumaroles activity, covered by dense vegetation. In 1968 it erupted unexpectedly, destroying the small town of Tabacón. Due to the eruption three more craters were created on the western flanks but only one of them still exists today. Since 2010, Arenal has been dormant.

In this Volcano you can enjoy a lot of activities like: Rain Forest for Sky Tram and Sky Trek, hot springs at the world famous: Tabacon Hot Springs, beautiful gardens.

Tenorio Volcano

Rio Celeste, is formed by the confluence of two rivers: Quebrada Agria and Buena Vista, in the Rain Forest of Tenorio Volcano. Because of its particular coloration resulting from an optical effect caused by the dispersion of sunlight due to high concentration of aluminum silicates which have their water like Blue Sky color.

The legend: Talks about the waters of this Rio Celeste Waterfall. Have that color because, when God finished painting the sky, he washed the brushes in the water of this river.

Tenorio Volcano consists of four volcanic peaks and two craters. One of the craters is sometimes referred to as the Montezuma Volcano. Tenorio is 6,287 feet (1,913 m) high. The Rio Celeste (Light Blue River) appears blue due to the emission of sulphur from the volcano and precipitation of calcium carbonate. Thermal springs and small geysers dot the area as do rivers, waterfalls, lagoons and places providing panoramic views. The upper area of the park is dominated by primary cloud forest, while the lower regions are carpeted with rain forest. The Tapir and the rarely seen Puma reside in the area.

Why Visit the Volcanoes when traveling in Costa Rica?

The Costa Rica best tours you can probably find in the Guanacaste Province near Liberia Costa Rica and this is perfect for tourists due to location. If your plan is to travel to Costa Rica you probably already have in mind the adventure tours as in this sense, the Costa Rica best tours usually include a good taste of adrenaline and adventure. However, if you are traveling in Costa Rica, don’t forget to visit the wonders of nature that these volcanoes represent!

Have you ever visited these places? tell us what is your favorite memory of this experience!

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